Automation & Control System

Pressure Gauges

Transmitters for measuring gauge and absolute pressure Digital Pressure transmitter, Differential Pressure transmitter, Pressure gauges, Diaphragm seals & Differential Pressure Gauges.

Pressure Transmitters

We provide large variety in Temperature measuring instrument including Temperature transmitters head mounting, temperature transmitter real amount, All types of RTD’s & Thermocouples, Temperature gauges, temperature applications, etc

Flow Measurements

We provide the best quality Magnetic flow meter, Mass flow meter, Vortex flow meter, Ultrasonic flow meter, variable area Flowmeters, and Flow switches.

Control system analyzers

We provide a large variety of control systems including PH Analyzer, Conductivity analyzers, flue gas analyzer, Multi-gas analyzer, Humidity transmitters, PLCs, HMI, DCS, Paperless Recorder, All types of process Indicator & Weighing Control System.

Level Measurements

We provide a large variety in level measuring instruments like Ultrasonic level transmitter, Radar level transmitter, Capacitance type level transmitter, float level switches & vibrating fork level switches.

Control Valve

We provide All types of global control valves, All types of ball control valve, All types of a butterfly control valve, All types of diaphragm control valve & sliding gate control valve.